How To Teach Dog to Bow

Dogs look cute when they show tricks and gestures to their owner or guests. And a dog becomes even more adorable when it goes down and bows, leaving you in awe.

Are you a pet parent wondering whether or not it’s possible to teach your dog to bow? Well, it’s not that difficult. If your dog is a happy pup and loves to do tricks around, it will learn quickly.

Moreover, it is easy to do this drill if your dog knows the basic commands such as; “yes/no, sit, leave it, stand up.” etc. On the other hand, if your dog doesn’t know how to respond on cue, it’s important to teach it the basics first.

Taking a bow is related to body posture. While bowing down, a dog leans down with its forearms and chest touching the floor while it’s rearmost stays up.

Why Teach A Dog to Bow?

As we know, bowing down shows modesty; also, it’s a sign of saying a thank you. So, it’s good to teach a dog to bow whenever somebody offers it food or helps it. This gesture will make your pup more cute and beloved.

Things to Ponder Before You Get Started

To begin with the drill, you need to know the following points:

  • Gather lots of patience and stay calm
  • Avoid crowded places and choose a quiet and comfortable environment
  • Don’t expect your little fellow to learn it overnight. It’s a tricky one that takes time.
  • Reward your pup with its favorite treats and hangouts.

Best Ways to Teach a Dog to Bow

So, there are different methods to give bow training to your dogs, like the clicker method and focusing on the fore-end. So, without any further delay, let’s dig into the steps of training a dog to bow:

1.Focus onthe Fore-End Method

It requires you to keep a tasty treat or your dog’s favorite toy as a reward. Read on to know how it will work:

a) Begin With Stand Straight Instruction

Ask your dog to stand straight on all its feet. Once it follows the command, it indicates your furry baby is ready to perform further steps.

b) Use Treats to Bend It Down

Hold a treat in your fingers above your pup’s nose. Then slowly take it down inwards its chest. It will help the dog to bend easily on its forearms. Move the treat ahead on the floor until the dog rests on its elbows and chest, leaving its posterior end upwards.

c) Go Back To Standing

After a few seconds of staying in a bow, lure it back up to a standing position. It will prevent the dog from lying down on the floor. With the treat in your hand, make 4 to 5 more attempts.

d) Compliment and Reward

To encourage your furry fellow, say a compliment like “yes” or “Bravo” and offer his favorite treat to enjoy.

e) Do the Practice Sessions in Intervals

Now begin with the same procedure after an interval and make your dog practice it. Increase the number of attempts.

f) Add the "Bow" Command

Once your dog masters this trick, say the Cue word “bow” as it lures down with the treat. Follow the word “stand” when it gets back to its normal position. Differentiating these two cues will make it easier for the dog to now understands the bow command.

g) Test the Dog without Treat

So, after the knowledge of the word bow, it’s time to test your dog with the command only, keeping treats hidden. When you see it bowing on command, say verbal praise and reward the surprise treat for being a good baby!

h) Blend It with Other Dog Tricks

It’s adorable when a dog bows down to thank and after showing off. So, motivate your pet to practice the bowing gesture with other dog tricks. Also, encourage it to bow after getting some help. And enjoy the fun time with your little buddy!

2. Clicker Method for Bow Training

It includes a clicker tool to teach a dog to bow. The clicker method is suitable after six months or in the training period.

How Does A Clicker Works In Teaching A Dog To Bow?

Before digging into the steps, you need to know about the clicker first. It’s a noise-making tool that marks the exact behavior that the owner likes to see. Clicking sound motivates the animal to do the same in the future too. You can apply this method without a clicker tool simply by snapping, whistling, or making any sound.

It will give equally good results as a clicker. So, let’s get straight into the bow training steps with a clicker:

  • Start with a stand command with a clicker and treat in your hand.
  • Lure down the dog with the treat moving down closer to its body.
  • Move the rewarding treat down to the ground. The dog leans down with its elbows resting on the floor, keeping its back up.
  • Press the clicker to mark the moment and hold the dog in bow positions for a few seconds.
  • Lure the dog back up with the treat in your hand.
  • Say a nice compliment and reward it with a treat.
  • Say a bow command after several attempts and use the clicker every time it bows down.

Wrap Up On How to Teach a Dog to Bow

A dog can learn new moves when it receives appreciation. And it’s quite a fun thing to train a dog with effective tricks. 

They are great tricks that help with behavior. And there are a few fun tricks too. So, it’s good to teach a dog to bow before the audience after completing a series of fun tricks. Or, it is as a token of thanks. 

These methods are helpful in the long run. You just have to be patient! Don’t lose your calm, and never punish your dog if it’s unable to perform the desired move. With appreciation, your dog will eventually learn how to bow, and then it’s good to go.

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