Dog growl at nothing

Why Does Dog Growl at Nothing?

Dogs growl to express their discomfort or when they’re in pain. Moreover, they growl when there is an intruder at home. All these reasons are good, but it can be frightening when a dog growl at nothing.

Sometimes there is nothing to worry about growling because they do when they sense something that humans can’t do. But when a dog growls for no reason frequently, it can be due to aggression, diet issues, and illness.

So, do you want to know why my dog growl at nothing? If yes, keep reading because we’ll share solutions as well in the end.

So, without any delay, let’s discuss the reasons why dogs growl at nothing.

1. Dogs Have Powerful Senses

Dogs have more powerful hearing senses than humans. So, when your dog growls at nothing, it means they have heard something that you can’t hear. It might be a high-pitched frequency or a dog barking at some distance. They respond to this voice naturally.

Dogs have excellent vision and can see things that humans can’t see. In addition, their smelling sense is 40 times more powerful than humans. So, when your dog growls at nothing, it means they have smelled something that was a threat to them.

2. Your Dog Is Scared

When dogs are scared, they growl at nothing. It’s a natural way to communicate aggression, fear, and displeasure. For example, thunderstorms are normal for humans, but they can be threatening to dogs. 

Some dogs prefer to hide in such situations, but others growl to show their dominance. Similarly, there can be many sights and sounds that can scare your dog.

3. Change in Dog’s Diet

When you change the diet, it results in lots of personality changes in dogs. Moreover, dogs start to growl. Therefore, it’s essential to feed a well-balanced and healthy diet to keep your dog happy.

4. They’re Sick or Injured

Dog growling at nothing can be because of a hidden injury or illness that you can’t notice. When dogs are sick, they undergo various personality changes. So, pay close attention to finding the issue and try to fix it immediately.

5. They Desire Something

Unfortunately, when dogs growl at their owners or someone else, they’re rewarded with a treat by some owners. As a result, they start to growl for no reason. Moreover, they growl when they need something from you. So, when your dog growl at nothing, it means they want attention, toys, or treats.

6. They’re Aggressive

Sometimes the growling can be due to aggression. Therefore, when you adopt a new dog, it’s growling at nothing; it might be due to aggression. Remember, older dogs are more aggressive than adult ones. So, when you find that growling is due to aggression, don’t put yourself in harm’s way and take your pet to the vet.

7. Canine Dementia

When dogs get older, they experience various medical issues. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor your dog, especially when your dog growl and stares at the wall at the same time. It is a sign of the development of canine dementia. 

Cognitive disabilities can also result in growling. Therefore, you need to look for symptoms like shaking and excessive pacing in dogs. A vet visit is mandatory whenever you notice these symptoms in your furry friends.

Now you must have an idea of why dogs growl at nothing. So, let’s find the solutions to fix growling.

How to Stop Dog Growling? 5 Ways

Now, you understand why dogs growl at nothing. So, now we’ll find solutions to stop dog growling. Remember, growling is natural, and you can’t do much about it. But you can understand the specific cause behind growling and fix it. In the following section, we’ll share tips to put an end to the growling issue. So, keep reading this article.

1. Observe Closely

As mentioned earlier, dogs can sense, smell, and see things that are difficult for humans to see. Things around them can force them to growl. Therefore, it’s important to closely observe what’s bothering them. Remove that object or animal away from your dogs that makes them upset.  

2. Remove the Issue

When you notice that dog growl due to fear, the best way is to remove that object or hide it from your dog. Sometimes, toys can scare them, and they start growling. So, take that toy away from your dog to remove growling.

3. Bring Some Toys for Distraction

In some cases, the fear can be due to outside traffic noises, dogs barking in the neighbor’s house, or thunderstorms. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about these issues. If your dog is worried about thunderstorms, then try to create some distractions. 

Moreover, you can put your dog in a calm place. Treats, cuddles, and toys are the best ways to distract your dog.

Moreover, when you can’t control things like thunderstorms, ensure that you stay with your dog. It will make them feel comfortable because dogs see their owners as their protectors. So, by making your dog feel comfortable, you can significantly reduce growling.

4. Stop Rewarding for This Behavior

As mentioned earlier, when dogs growl, some owners reward them for this behavior, and dogs feel that it’s good behavior. So, whenever a dog growls, ensure that you don’t praise it. Praising your dog for this behavior will worsen the condition. 

The best approach is to teach your dogs different commands so that they can use them when they need something.

5. Consult Your Vet

If you’re unable to find any significant reason for dog growling, then take your pet to the vet. The vet will examine to see if age, sickness, diet changes, injury, or something else is the reason for dog growling. More importantly, the vet will suggest some best practices to stop frequent dog growling.

Wrap-up on Why Does My Dog Growl at Nothing

Dog growling at nothing is quite common, and most of the time, it shouldn’t be too much concern for you. But the best approach is to figure out the cause for dog growling and try to fix it as soon as possible.

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