Maltioos Dog Breed A Comprehensive Guide

Maltipoo Dog Breed: A Comprehensive Guide

There is no denying the fact that Maltipoo dog breed are one of the most intelligent, energetic, and adorable dog breeds out there. Maltipoos are deemed as hybrid breeds. These are the ones who cross between a Miniature Poodle or Poodle and Maltese.

Initially, the Maltese and Poodles were mixed for the purpose of forming a breed that would ultimately help them become a kind of breed that is ideal for people having allergies. Similar to poodles, Maltipoos can also be hypoallergenic dogs. With that being said, it will depend upon the strength of the Maltese genes.

Maltipoo dog breed are also referred to as Malt-A-Poos. They are generally considered as one of the best dog breeds, especially when you have children at home. Also, as they are a small dog breed, they are usually ideal for those individuals who live in a small home. If you are one of those individuals, you can check other small dog breeds as well.


It was around 30 years ago when the first maltipoos were created in the United States by the people of America.

The main reason why maltipoos were created was to have small dogs that are ideal for families and can fit well in small homes. Not only that, but another reason was to have dogs that do not shed much, and Maltipoo’s are exactly those kinds of companion dogs.

As mentioned before as well, Maltipoo’s are the result of the mixture of two breeds, Poodle and Maltese. Let’s first discuss a bit about Maltese.


Maltese Dog Breed
Credit - kimrawicz/istock

Maltese, as its name suggests, are the dogs originating from Malta. They are deemed as one of the oldest small dog breeds out there. It is generally considered that Maltese have existed since the early 1800s. At those times, they were regarded as lapdogs of the nobility.

Not only that but it is also said that they are seen in the paintings of that old time. The popularity of Maltese began to increase during the 19th and 20th centuries.

They not only became one of the most favorite and popular dog breeds in Malta but also became popular in various different parts of the world. The thing which made them a special companion dog was their adorable nature and cute appearance.


Poodle Dog Breed
Credit - Photo by Steven Van Elk on Unsplash

Originating from Germany, poodles are also one of the oldest dog breeds. They are generally known for their exceptional haircuts. It is said that poodles have such haircuts due to their owners who wanted them not to get waterlogged.

Along with the original poodle, two more types, the Toy poodles and the miniatures, were created. These were relatively smaller in comparison to the original poodle. The main reason why such small versions were created was that the owners did not prefer to keep large poodles.

Due to the amazing temperament and personality of these small variants of the original poodle, they soon grabbed a lot of attention and became one of the most popular dog breeds. In fact, they were found working in circuses entertaining people with their skills and playful behavior.


If we talk about the appearance of Maltipoo dog breed, they are considered as one of the most adorable and cute looking dogs. They have medium to long length soft coats and are available in various different colors. The most common colors most of the Maltipoo’s are found in are cream and white.

With that being said, at times, it can get a bit challenging to determine what their appearance is. It is due to the reason that they are considered a designer breed. Therefore, you can find them in marbled coats or in mixed colors! Isn’t that amazing?


As we have mentioned before as well, Maltipoos are a dog breed of very small size. Both the males as well as the female Maltipoos have almost the same size. Even though both of these may be the same in sizes, depending upon the particular genes of the parent pets, the size of the Maltipoos may vary.

They can be around eight to fourteen inches tall and may weigh approximately five to twenty pounds. Those Maltipoos that are relatively smaller in size are referred to as Teacups. These cute little dogs weigh within the range of five to ten pounds.


Maltipoo dog breed are generally more friendly and outgoing. Due to the reason that they are friendly and have a sweet personality, they are considered best for those families having children.

With that being said, Maltipoos tend to behave quite differently in those situations where their pet parent or owner is not around them for an extended period of time. If they are left alone for an extended amount of time, they are certainly going to behave oddly.

In case you are one of those individuals who stay out for the majority of the time due to your work, then it will be better to consider other options instead of Maltipoos. It is because these dogs also tend to have issues of separation anxiety, and staying away and alone from you can trigger their anxiety.


As far as temperament is concerned, it can vary significantly for every Maltipoo. Their temperament depends upon the genes and traits they have from their parents, Maltese and poodles.

Most of the time, it is the mother’s trait that seems to be more prominent among the maltipoos. But, having said that, the overall environment where a Maltipoo dog has grown also matters a lot. It certainly affects how the temperament of a Maltipoo dog would be. Dog brain training, if done properly, would help in improving the temperament behavior of your Maltipoo.


The Maltipoos tend to live for approximately ten to thirteen years. They usually live a healthy life, and whatever the issues related to health they face are generally not very extreme. Still, it is important for a devoted pet parent to always be cautious when it comes to the health of their dog.

One of the health issues found in Maltipoo dog breed is shaker syndrome. Even though it is not very common and all of the Maltipoos do not develop such an issue, it is still essential to know what it is about.

Along with that, another health issue that is common among the Maltipoos is a luxating patella. For that reason, in order to make sure everything is fine, it is better that the parents of your Maltipoo have health clearances.

Those Maltipoos that are relatively smaller in size tend to experience health issues such as progressive retinal atrophy, dental disease, and allergies.

As these small maltipoos usually face the issue of oral health, we will suggest you keep extreme care for their teeth. It is also important to discuss the health issue with your veterinarian so that they can guide you in a better manner.

Following are a few of the health issues found in Maltipoos:

  • Epilepsy
  • White Shaker Syndrome
  • Legg Calve Perthes Disease
  • Portosystemic Shunt (PSS)
  • Retinal Atrophy – Blindness and loss of vision with the passage of time

Care Feeding

As we all know, Maltipoo’s are one of those dogs that have extreme levels of energy. Therefore, they should be provided with a kind of diet which is specially made for them.

In order to meet their nutritional needs, which are a bit unique, it will be a better option to provide them with a kind of diet that comprises dry dog food of premiere quality. 

One such amazing food you can have for your Maltipoo is kibble. It is best when it comes to giving your pooch a highly nutritious and well-balanced diet.

Now, due to the reason that every Maltipoo varies in size, age, levels of energy, and genes also usually vary, it will be a better option for you to opt for different dry foods for your dog depending on what is suitable for him. 

For that reason, we will recommend you consult your veterinarian regarding the choice of food for your four-legged friend.

In addition to this, as we have mentioned before as well, Maltipoos, especially the ones who are smaller in size, tend to face oral health issues. In such situations, it is better to give them a diet that is good for their teeth and can help in preventing tooth loss.

One thing which is important for you to take into account is the increasing obesity among pet dogs. Maltipoos are no exception. Similar to various other dog breeds, especially the ones that are small dog breeds, a poor diet can seriously lead your Maltipoo to obesity.

Things can deteriorate when there is little to no exercise. Not only your pooch will get obese, but there are various other health issues that are associated with a poor diet as well. These may include issues such as digestive problems, arthritis, and lethargy.

In a nutshell, it is better for you as well as for your little friend to be careful when it comes to diet. You should carry out Maltipoo dog brain training in such a manner that it adapts itself to light but healthy diet.

Also, it is always a great thing to have some exercise and engage your Maltipoo in some form of physical movement. In fact, they will love to play with you and go along with you on a walk after dinner! 

Coat Color & Grooming

White is one of the most common colors, and most of the Maltipoo dog breed that you will find out there will be in white. With that being said, they do come in different colors. It is because poodles have a variety of colors. It can be in multiple colors due to the combination of various colors.

When we are talking about the coats of Maltipoo’s, there are basically three types of coats that they have. With that being said, these types may differ depending on which parent’s genes are more in control.

For instance, if a Maltipoo has more dominant genes than a Maltese, it will certainly have a straight and silky coat which would obviously be very soft. The thickness of the coat may vary. It can be medium as well as very dense.

In case the more dominant genes that Maltipoo possess are of poodle, then the coat will be curly and thick. Also, usually, the texture of such coats will be rough.

Finally, the third type of coat is quite rare. It has a wiry texture making it challenging for individuals to groom the coat of their Maltipoo. It certainly becomes difficult to maintain it.

We can not specify any one type of grooming for all the Maltipoo’s out there. This is again because of the different types of coats they have. Having said that, it is important to brush your pooch regularly. It can either be every day or on alternative days. Regular brushing helps in keeping the coat maintained and will help in eliminating loose hair.

Those Maltipoos who usually have coats like poodles, which are curlier, may be required to visit the groomer after every 4-6 weeks. In case the coat is not groomed well, the chances are that your pooch may develop a skin infection. For that reason, you need to be very cautious and serious in this regard. 

Children & Other Pet

Maltipoo dog breed, as we have mentioned before as well, are one of the most loving, sweet, and friendly dog breeds. They can be a perfect choice for your home, especially when you have children.

With that being said, it is recommended not to own much smaller Maltipoos if you have very few children. Chances for them to injure themselves can increase in that situation. Therefore, it is better not to have them if your kids are too little.

Also, when it comes to engaging with other pets, Maltipoo’s are very good at that as well. They usually do not cause any issues while engaging with other pets or dogs. This can be a plus point for you if you own another pet and are willing to welcome a cute Maltipoo in your house. 

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