Pros And Cons Of Being a Guardian Dog Owner

What Are the Pros And Cons Of Being a Guardian Dog Owner?

If you want to become a guardian dog owner, you should know that there are a lot of pros and cons of being one. As a guardian dog owner, you have to agree to do a lot of things. You need to be sure of yourself. It does not matter if you are a nave or an expert in dog handling.

If you want a temporary or permanent pet, you should consider becoming a guardian dog owner. This responsibility is full of learning about how to care for a dog with love and affection.

If you are willing to take this responsibility and don’t know about its pros and cons, you are at the right place. But, if you don’t know anything about it, let me first introduce you to being a guardian dog owner.

A guardian dog owner is a person who makes arrangements with breeders to house and care for puppies. Moreover, breeders are those people who keep purebred dogs to produce puppies. They kept them for commercial purposes. 

Being a breeder is very expensive and requires a lot of time and effort. That is why breeders look for homes and people who can take in dogs as pets. 

The responsibility of a guardian dog owner is to take good care of these dogs. Also, they provide them with good food, shelter, and a safe environment to grow and breed.

What Are the Requirements of a Good Guardian Dog Owner?

The only need of a guardian dog owner is to fulfill the dog’s needs. A good guardian dog owner must have a good place for the better growth of the dog. Your home, lifestyle, family, and environment matter a lot if you choose to be a guardian dog owner. You need to believe in yourself to provide possible care to your dog.

While you make the decision to take your fluffy friend home, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Will you be able to take responsibility for your dog? You have got your friends and family, but your dog’s friends and family will be only you. 

Will you be able to keep your dog’s needs above your needs? Your dog will need your full-time attention, love, and care to live a happy life. During the mating season, your dog will need a clean, safe place to mate. 

Are the answers to the removed questions encouraging, in your opinion? Well, it means you are fulfilling the requirements of being a good guardian dog owner. 

Pros and Cons of Being a Guardian Dog Owner

Let me assure you of one thing becoming a guardian dog owner is noble. It is noble because you give puppies hope for a good life. At the same time, becoming a guardian dog owner means committing yourself to the well-being of the dog for its life.

In that sense, go through the pros and cons of becoming a guardian dog owner.

Pros of Being a Guardian Dog Owner

There are a lot of compelling arguments in favor of being a guardian dog owner. If you look at its various aspects, it is full of learning and having good experiences with furry friends.

You Will Have a Loyal Friend

pros and cons of being a dog owner

Dogs have been our companions for an indefinite time. For several centuries, dogs have been evolving to become our best friends. They have assisted us with food gathering and home protection. In short, men didn’t find any other companion animal better than a dog. The reason is that a dog loves its owner more than his own life.

The breeder will only allow you to get custody of the puppy after fulfilling the duties. The duties mean providing a safe and comfortable environment to produce new offspring. Once a dog reaches a particular age, she can retire from producing offspring. Breeders permit dogs to live out their entire lives with their guardians.

That way, you get a lifelong friend who has adapted himself according to your given environment. You are left with a loyal friend who loves and cares for you. Spend as much quality time as you desire with your furry friend. Your stress and anxiety will be reduced.

Each of us has experienced COVID-19 in which we have gone through a very difficult time. The time we spent confined in our homes made us realize the importance of good relations in our lives. Studies have proved that dogs can play the same role in reducing stress and anxiety as a good friend can play.

Imagine that your best friend has become your guest for a few weeks. You spend a very rough day at your office. Right after your office, you realize that you can go home where your friend is waiting for you. You can share your boss’s unjustified behavior and take your friend’s love, attention and care in return.

According to scientific studies conducted on the basis of controlled experiments, a dog plays the same role in reducing stress and anxiety as a good friend plays.

Your dog will Enjoy a Good Environment

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Dogs need a spacious space to grow into healthy adults. If you let the dog live in a tight space crowded with other dogs, your dog will compromise his health. Some people could even call it animal abuse.

Some breeders keep dogs in a tight space crowded with other dogs. They want to save as much money as they can. It may result in filling the shelter homes or streets with dogs where they live poor life.

That is why your decision to become a guardian dog owner is noble. All you need is to provide a healthy and clean environment for dogs. You are extending your services to elevate dogs’ life expectancy, health standards, and well-being. You will spare the dogs from the sufferings and hardships of the street and animal shelter life.

Accompanying a dog teaches you valuable skills

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Dog owners know very well that training a dog takes patience, effort, and time. A dog owner goes through the phase of teaching basic skills, behaviors, and responses to his dog. Moreover, this phase becomes an example of living your dog his own life. The importance he leans on while teaching his dog becomes beneficial for his own life.

Your dog sets an example for you when he enjoys outdoor activities and appreciates little things in life. When dogs are with children, their happiness needs no boundaries. The company of children with the dog can also make them learn responsibility. 

You can make your children responsible for certain aspects, such as serving food and water. In that case, you are getting benefits by educating your kids along with making your dog happy. 

Moreover, keeping a dog makes you learn valuable lessons in your life. And, it is making your dog’s life beautiful and comfortable.

A Great Playmate

Whenever you need quality time, you can have a lovely companion by your side. Can we say that dogs can be trained to accompany you to have in your time of need? Yes, if you start training your dog at the correct age, you and your children can have a wonderful playmate. 

You should train the puppy to comply and live a happy life full of fun. Puppy parents often ask what the best age for training is. You can start training your puppy from 2 months, the best age for learning, and make him learn fun games.

Cons of Being a Guardian Dog Owner

When you decide to take care of a dog, you should think about the following things. These things could be the right age for physical training and the correct age for behavioral training. Moreover, that age could be an ideal age for the mating of your dog.

Hard to Keep

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When you take on the responsibility of being a guardian dog, you promise to give the dog your time and energy. You should understand that it is a full-time job of responsibility. You must never leave your dog unsupervised.

You May Not Be Able to Go Away From Your Dog

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Keeping a dog is nothing but a responsibility. Your dog sees you as his friend and loving companion. Your dog can’t think of spending an entire day without you. If you are not around, your dog may get stressed and anxious. That’s why you need to be around your dog to feel him relax.

You can travel for a half day or even a few days if your dog is trained to bear your absence. But, you can’t think of traveling for a whole week, leaving your dog alone. Either you take your dog with you, or you don’t travel alone for long vacations. 

Your Living Expenses will be increased

What are the pros and cons of owning a dog

When you own a pet, you will have to be ready for some extra expenses. These costs are, for example, a bed, litter box, leash, collar, scratching pad, and some other things. Following that, you must spend a constant amount on daily expenses. Most of your expenses will go into buying good quality dog food.

Pet grooming is also essential. Your next expense will be to buy grooming items. These include a comb, brush, scissors, pet shampoo, ear-cleaning solutions, and conditioner. You may adopt the other option of allowing your pet to be groomed by experts. Either way, you will need money to cover these expenses.

Handling during the Heat Period May Become Difficult

You should know the best age for your dog to perform mating. Since you need to deal with female dogs, some health constraints exist. When the dog comes to age, you may face restlessness of your dog. 

Furthermore, your dog may attract male dogs and show some agitation. Moreover, you need to plan to deal with these symptoms. Your dog may discharge some blood from the vulva, and it may get inflamed.


Guardian dog owners give a wonderful experience to dogs. Dogs under supervision get the best experience of their life. It is helpful to both you and your dog if you accept responsibility for a dog. While providing the best experience for your dog, you also get the best experience for yourself. 

As a guardian dog owner, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on food and other necessities. In this way, being a guardian dog owner is nothing but a great thing.

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