Shih Tzu Behavior Problems

Know Shih Tzu’s Behavior Problems and Their Solutions

Are you considering getting a Shih Tzu? Would it be your first dog, or do you have prior experience keeping one? If not, it’ll be challenging in terms of dealing with Shih Tzu’s behavior problems. But no worries! You are not alone. Plenty of other Shih Tzu owners are having the same problems. But before addressing the issues, let’s first talk about the breed.

Well! Shih Tzu’s are cute toy dogs that originated in Tibet, probably in the seventh century. These little canines are known for pretty round eyes, floppy ears, short stature, and long silky coat hair. You might have seen them in pictures with different hairstyles making them appear cool.

The breed’s males and females are around eight to eleven inches high and weigh about nine to sixteen pounds. They are a bit longer than tall. Their exercise need is not too high. Taking them on walks is enough exercise. But yes. Serious grooming is quite essential for your pet’s flowing coat.

Though they are pretty affectionate, friendly, and calm dogs, they sometimes show odd behaviors that need your attention immediately. Therefore, in this article, we’ve got you covered.

With a lot of hard work and research, we’ve addressed some essential questions related to Shih Tzu’s behavior issues. Besides, we’ve also provided practical solutions to each problem. So, read out loud and share the tips with others too. Let’s kick off!

Why Do Shih Tzu's Bark A Lot
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Barking is a natural dog characteristic and is okay if it’s normal. But sometimes, it becomes more frequent and excessive. If your Shih Tzu has recently started excessive barking, it tests your patience. But wait! Do you know what the reason is? No, then here we go!

●        Your doggie wants to get your attention.

●        A stranger is entering your house or is trying to invade your canine’s territory.

●        Your pup barks too much when he’s afraid of something.

●        It signifies that your furry companion wants to play with you.

●        Separation anxiety is also a reason.

Now that you know the reasons for non-stop barking let’s talk about ways to calm the Shih down.

How To Deal With A Barking Shih Tzu?

If your tiny puppy is barking, avoid yelling, spraying anything in his mouth, or giving him punishments. Instead, gently rub your hand on his back and distract him by talking.

If you notice that he’s barking out of fear, calm him down and frequently expose him to that object to immune him. Also, don’t leave your dog alone in the house.

Are Shih Tzu dogs stubborn?

Is your tiny Shih Tzu quite stubborn? Well! If so, don’t be sad. A lot of Shih Tzu’s parents are dealing with the same problem. Though many owners identify the problem, few figure out the real cause of this behavior. Ever thought about why your  Shih Tzu is so stubborn?

Well! Possibly the reason could be you. Yes!! You might wonder why you are responsible for Shih Tzu’s obstinate behavior. When you don’t set a limit and some rules for your pet while training, the problem begins. In only a few cases, the behavior is the result of genetics.

How To Make Your Shih Tzu Listen To You?

We know how difficult it is to handle a stubborn Shih Tzu. That’s why we have come up with some helpful tips for you. If your tiny canine is not listening to you, take help from treats. And when he obeys you, appreciate him. 

You also have to be consistent in training. In this way, your teachings will be ingrained in the pet. Last but the most important thing is that you should be kind and patient.

Does Your Shih Tzu Keeps On Chewing Your Hands?

You might have seen cute videos of puppies chewing their owner’s hands. Have you and your Shih Tzu ever experienced this? Chewing the owner’s hand is the first socializing game for them. 

They use their teeth and mouth to explore things. And if teeth haven’t erupted yet, it’s okay for the pup to bite hands or other objects.

Once the pup is over seven months, he gets the teeth and can injure you and your kids if he still has the habit of chewing others’ hands. Besides, biting everything coming in its way also damages the valuable items of your house. Hence, it’s a serious Shih Tuz behavior issue, and you must do something about it.

How To Deal With Shih Tzu's Mouthing Problem?

Mouthing or chewing are the same and one of the worst Shih Tzu behavior issues. If your pet also has this habit, you have to make him leave it. But how? Read on to know!

Dogs often bite while playing with you. If it happens, don’t give your pet a sudden jerk, as your pet can become aggressive. Simply, leave the play area without scolding or being harsh with the pet. As a result, he’ll realize that he made a mistake.  Also, buy chew toys for your furry Shih.

Is Your Shih Tzu a Picky Eater?

Shih Tzu a Picky Eater
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Feeding a picky Shih Tzu food is quite challenging and frustrating as well. Spending an hour in the kitchen preparing healthy food for the pet and the pet refusing to eat is a different kind of pain. You can’t even force the fur baby to eat.

Sometimes, the canine even refuses to eat the kibble. Dealing with such a situation is pretty hard. Therefore, you must know why your Shih Tzu is so fussy. Let’s dig in!

●        The pet might have just eaten the treat.

●        The food might be hard for him to chew especially if he is an older Shih Tzu.

●        The gap between the meals is small.

●        A Shih Tzu’s diet must include 30% high-quality protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fruits or vegetables. If not served this way, the pet also refuses to eat.

●        He might have an upset stomach or any other health issue.

Check these reasons if your dog is a picky eater.

How To Make Your Shih Tzu Finish The Food?

It’s quite stressful If your Shih Tzu is not willing to eat anything. When your beloved pet is hungry, it becomes difficult for the owner to concentrate on work. Therefore, relieve your stress with these tips.

First, you must take your furry companion to a vet for a proper checkup to see if his health is fine. If everything is normal, you have to ditch your pet to feed him more. For instance, when feeding your pet, the first meal of the day, add water and a small amount of pumpkin to the food. It will aid in digestion, and your pet will feel hungry soon.

Likewise, if your Shih Tzu is old and is not eating the hard kibble, soften it by soaking it in water for some time. Take it out, dry and serve the soft one to your pet. You also need to avoid giving treats to the pet between meals. 

Serve the dog, food with a small portion of different items and keep serving in different bowls. Different bowls colors will be an attraction for the pup and he’ll eat the food.

All these tips are pretty compelling. Give them a try. 

Does Your Shih Tzu Baby Begs For Food?

Does your Shih Tzu keep on begging for food? If yes, it’s bad and embarrassing, especially in front of your first-time guests. Therefore, you must work hard on the pet.

How To Train Your Shih Tzu Not To Beg?

When you are having a meal, your Shih Tzu circling the dining table, or your legs look odd. You must do something to help your doggy leave this habit. Well! when it’s your meal time, first busy your Shih munching on his food so that you can eat peacefully.

Ignore your pet when you are having your food. It will discourage him from begging for it. Also, teach him the basic Yes/ No commands. When he’s demanding from your bowl, simply say “No”. Also, ensure you are dining in a separate room.

Try these tips. They’ll save you from many awkward moments.

Do Your Shih Tzu Has Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is common in many dogs and one of the most common Shih Tzu behavior problems. These dogs are not bred as guard dogs. Instead, they are bred to accompany humans. But if the owner is not around them, they suffer from separation anxiety, and here are its symptoms.

●        Chewing or biting everything.

●        Excessive pooping and urination around the house even after being trained.

●        Pawing, growling, or howling.

●        Always following you.

If your Shih Tzu depicts these symptoms, you need to do something about it. But what? Let’s explain it to you.

How To Deal With Shih Tzu Having Separation Anxiety?

If your job demands to be out of the house for a long time, leaving the pet Shih Tzu alone at home is a bad idea. You need to get another pet to accompany you dog when you are not around. Also crate train your pet so that when you have to go out, put him in the crate. It will make him feel safe and secure.

Is Your Shih Tzu Always Digging The Yard Out?

Shih Tzu Always Digging The Yard Out
Credit : iStock-kukiatB

Shih Tzu owners keep asking, “Why is my Shih Tzu always digging?” The digs in the yards are quite irritating for many owners. But you know what? Digging is a dog’s instinct. It’s normal behavior, and you should not be worried about it.

But yes!! Worrying about the yard is okay. Holes everywhere around the yard look unpleasant to the eyes.

How To Deal With Shih Tzu Digging The Yard Out.

Restrict a specific portion of the yard for your Shih Tzu. Allow him to dig holes there but if he tries to cross that limit, stop him immediately. Also, whenever your Shih Tzu is out in the yard, you must supervise him. These are the only possible ways to get rid of Shih Tuz’s bad behavior of digging.

Does Shih Tzu's Get Depressed?

Does Shih Tzu’s get depressed? People ask this question a lot. And the answer is always yes. Yes!! Shih Tzu’s often get depressed. It’s a severe behavior issue in them. To know why? Keep reading!

1. Sickness or Physical Injuries

Physical pain and illnesses dull the pets. They act more unusually than their normal behavior. Therefore, take them to a vet for proper inspection.

2. Bored

Depression in Shih Tzus is also due to boredom. Yes!! A bored furry companion can be depressed. In such a case, you must keep them busy with healthy activities to distract them.

3. Missing someone

If Shih Tzus lose their friends, owners, or a person interacting with them daily, they start missing them. It puts them in depression. A dead companion or owner can’t be brought back. Your pup has to face reality.

4. Mistreated

When you mistreat your Shih Tzu, it significantly affects the pet’s personality. He gets traumatized and depressed. If you are short-tempered, we would suggest you not have pets.

5. Not Giving Enough Attention

When someone is giving you too much attention, spending a lot of time with you, and suddenly the person stops giving you time. How would it feel? Bad, of course. Shih Tzu feels the same. Suppose you are too busy to give the required attention to the pet; better not to get one. Don’t put the tiny beloved creatures in unnecessary pain. 

Does Your Shih Tzu Get Stressed Out?

Well! A simple one-word answer is “yes”. Just like humans, the stress in Shih Tzu is normal. When you are stressed out, your fur baby quickly senses it. Likewise, dogs also show some symptoms of stress that tell when the pet is stressed out. These signs are enlisted below.

1.       Shivering

2.       Whining

3.       Tucking the tail between the legs

4.       Bulging eyes

5.       Sleeping too much

6.       Sudden aggressive behavior

If your Shih Tzu shows these symptoms, he’s stressed out.

How To Calm a Stressed-Out Shih Tzu?

Looking for a solution to get your Shih Tzu out of the stress? Well! To find the solution to this Shih Tzu behavior issue, first, you have to find out why he’s so anxious and stressed. It could be anything from a changed environment or separation anxiety. But do not worry! We’ve already put in the effort to discover a solution for you.

You must give your Shih Tzu toys. When your pet plays with them it aids in releasing stress. Stress-relieving sprays such as lavender spray are also a good pick.

How Do You Know If Your Shih Tzu Is Depressed?

If Shih Tzu is your first pet dog, you probably don’t know how to figure out whether he is depressed or not. It’s quite simple. Look for the hours you Shih Tzus sleep.  More sleep than normal is a red flag for depression.  Such Shihs also refuse to eat food and also always busy licking their paws.

Besides, another symptom of depression in Shih Tzus is that they start spending time in dark areas such as under the beds, in closets, etc. Yes! Just like humans, depressed Shih Tzus also don’t want to socialize. They cut themselves off from their surroundings which deteriorates their health.

It’s your responsibility to give your pup adequate time. Take him to a vet and help him get out of this situation.

How Do You Cheer Up a Shih Tzu?

For first-time dog owners, it’s hard to manage Shih Tzu’s behavior problems. But we are sure you’ll make it with a little effort. From the above symptoms,

if you figure out that your pup is depressed, cheer him up by spending more time with him, taking him for walks, and showing lots of love towards him. Your dog would benefit greatly from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well!! Yes. A stubborn Shih Tzu often doesn’t listen to you. It’s such a helpless situation. But it’s true, and you can’t deny it. The only solution is tempting your pet with treats.

Well!! No, not at all! These dogs are pretty loving and peaceful. If you have children, these dogs are ideal for you

Yes, Shih Tzus are manipulative. All the power to control you is in their eyes. With cute stares, they melt your heart. And you know what? Research has proved it.

We can’t a clear say yes or no because it depends entirely on the dog’s training. Well-trained and supervised Shih Tzus are never bossy.

The Shih Tzu dogs are pretty affectionate toward their owners. But he’ll get jealous if you have a second pet and you are playing with it, not with the Shih Tzu. Another problem with Shih Tzu behavior that you should be aware of!

Simply, the answer is yes. Dogs sometimes really behave like humans. If not given attention, they can become little monsters.

Generally, they are not aggressive dogs. But sometimes there are chances of them getting angry depending upon what you are doing.

It’s usually in puppyhood that you can give proper training to your pet to be calm. The best age is when your puppy is around two years. Shih Tus above this can also be trained, but it will require more energy and time.

If the pet is sad, spend more time with him. Take him for walks. Keep them happy. Offer them their favorite food. All these things help a lot in cheering them up.

There are many reasons for it. May be you were out and came home after a long time. Or the pup might have spent too much time alone. If you are ignoring him; may be that why he is begging for attention.

You first have to train your dog for basic commands. Keep practicing the orders until it’s ingrained in him. Be very kind and gentle during the process. There’s no need to yell or scold the dog. When your Shih Tzu obeys your command, reward him with treats.

Go for a long walk or exercise along with your pet. In this way, he’ll be distracted, which is good for their health. You can also try aromatherapy, where different fragrances make their mood better. Also, channelize their energy into exercise. These tips will help you a lot.

The Shih Tzu breed is bold but some dogs do have a fear for other dogs, strangers, and loud noises. Besides, some are also afraid of the grooming sessions.

A big behavior problem in Shih Tzus is disobedience. And training is the only way to keep control over your dog. Just training, training, and training!!! Teach basic pet commands such as sit, stand, yes, no, etc. Socialize your dog. It would help you a lot.

The Bottom Line

Shih Tzu is a breed of short dogs that are bred specially as companion dogs for humans. They are not watchdogs. Keeping them in homes is now a trend. Being a small breed, they take up less space and are easy to handle. Apart from that, they are quite loving and caring doggies.

But you know what the wrong thing is? Shih Tzu’s have behavior issues. Sometimes their destructive behaviors are highly stressful and irritating for you. They are the real test of your patience. 

If you don’t control your pet on time, these habits can leave you embarrassed in front of others. You can only make your Shih Tzu leave such odd behavior with proper training, care, and love.

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