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Unlocking the Mystery: Dog Licking Dew Claw Explained

For dog lovers, life is always beautiful with their companion. The dog and his owner have a very loving, respectful, trusting, and affectionate connection. Dogs have unique and attractive ways to bring their owner happiness, comfort, and joy. A dog lover and owner understands dogs’ value and connection with human beings.

Most people treat their dogs as a family member. Each dog has its nature, personality, attraction, and behavior, making a solid connection between a dog owner and a dog.

You must care for your dogs, notice any change in your dog, and check the reason behind it. Sometimes, your dog has a health issue which may irritate your dog.

We’ve reached the core of our content: why do dogs lick their dew claws? What’s the reason behind their licking? Does anything need investigation? If your dog licking dew claws continuously, it means your dog has some health problems.

Your dog may have some injuries in his paws. Licking dew is sometimes a standard issue, but it’s not a big deal. Just check your dog’s paws. You might find things like blood or cracked nails. These can make dogs uncomfortable and lick their dew claws.

But on the other side, occasionally, you could not find the reason for their claws licking. You may think it needs to wait some time; otherwise, go to your veterinarian for a proper check-up.

In the upcoming content, we’ll provide detailed information about each aspect of a dog’s paw licking behavior. Now let’s dive deep into dog-licking dew claw;

Dew Claw Licking and Your Dog's Health

Paw licking the dog has different reasons; it affects the dog’s health badly. When dogs have a problem with their feet, they start licking them. This can make their feet sore and irritated. Here, we will discuss the effect of claw licking;

Effects on Paw Health

A dog licking a dew claw can have various effects on the dog’s paw health. Occasionally, When your dog licks its dew claw a lot, it might mean something is wrong, like irritation, infection, pain, swelling, or redness.

If a dog gets any injury, skin infection or allergy to the claw, it can irritate the dog. Dog fingers become wet from excessive licking, which supports the growth of fungus and germs.

Potential Health Complications

Dog-licking dew claws cause potential health complications if not addressed properly. Licking increases the irritation around the area of dew claws; moisture gives access to the growth of bacteria and develops fungi. In some cases, licking leads to monstrous nails, which cause injury and discomfort.

Understanding Your Dog's Behavior

Keeping dogs healthy is important to understand their behavior, like licking their dew claws too much, barking a lot, or seeming less active. There are many reasons dogs licking dew claws, including grooming, need attention, and type of irritation.

Mostly, dogs do extreme licking due to stress and anxiety. Observe your dog’s behavior and look for redness, irritation, and blood symptoms. It means enormous licking indicates a need to pay attention to the issue.

Communication through Actions

Frequently, dogs show their health issues through communication actions. Dogs communicate through their body actions, behavior, and postures. It means dogs deliver their message through claw licking.

Sometimes, dog licking dew claws announce pain, stress, and anxiety. But in some cases, dog licking dew claw represents significant issues like injury, infection, and irritation. Dogs can lick the claw wound excessively, which causes discomfort and complications.

Dog guardians need to be observant of their pets’ actions and behavior. If you observe excessive licking of your dog, you must check its claw and the surrounding area of the wound. The best way to address the issue is to visit your veterinarian for proper treatment.

Recognizing Signs of Stress

A dog licking dew claws indicates a sign of stress. Dogs adopt several ways to release tension, like claws licking and barking due to stress, pain, and irritation.

It would help if you observed other signs of stress with licking, such as pacing, panting, dozing, shivering, or avoiding eye contact. These signs with licking show the stress and anxiety of the dog due to its environment and health issues.

As a dog owner, you need to give attention to them, provide a comfortable environment, mental peace, healthy food and proper physical and mental exercise.

The Common Reasons Behind Dew Claw Licking

Dogs lick their paws for different reasons, like irritation, discomfort, allergies, anxiety, stress, nail problems, and more. You need to understand these common reasons for licking to solve their problem. There are common reasons behind dogs licking dew claws;

Irritation and Discomfort

Continuous licking of dew claws is a sign of irritation and discomfort. When a dog gets any injury, infection, allergy, or skin problem, it starts licking. Infections from bacteria and fungus can grow because of moisture and cause irritation and discomfort, which is why dogs often lick their paws.


When a dog repeatedly licks, chews and bites its feet, it indicates claw allergies. Dogs get allergies to many things, including particular food, grass and pollen. The allergy reaction causes irritation, infection and pain around the claw.

Anxiety and Stress

When dogs are under stress and anxiety, they start licking their claws. Stress and anxiety show in their body language and behavior. When they are stressed, they doze, shiver and avoid eye contact. The irritation, pain and infection of the claw wound leads them to anxiety and stress.

Nail Overgrowth

One of the main reasons behind dog licking dew claws is nail overgrowth. Overgrowth of the nails causes severe pain in walking and running. It leads to broken and ingrown nails, which cause irritation and discomfort. If you gave your dog’s nails the right trim, it would help.


When a dog gets injured and has any cuts on its feet, it leads to infection. If the wound is not treated correctly, it causes disease in the dew claw, which is the main reason for the dog licking dew claw. Dog’s infection causes swelling, pain, and pus formation in the wound. 

The Importance of Addressing Dew Claw Licking

To address the dog dew claw licking, you must first recognize the reason for the licking to solve the issue. If there is any medical problem like allergy, cut, injury or infection, you must go to the veterinarian for a complete checkup and treatment.

If your dog shows any behavioral change, then you need to go to a dog’s professional and trainer to effectively address the reason behind licking. Furthermore, it would help if you gave your time and attention to your dog and mental and physical exercise to reduce the excessive licking.

Regular nail trimming also protects dogs from many health issues, so if you have a dog, you must give it time. By addressing all the reasons, you can reduce the excessive licking of the dog.

How do you stop your dog from licking their dew claw?

Preventing your dog from excessive licking is crucial for their well-being. You can do this by checking why they lick their dew claws, cleaning any infected areas, and looking for signs of stress or anxiety, among other things.

Identify the Underlying Issue

You can stop your dog licking dew claws by recognizing the main reason behind the licking claw issue. Determine underlying issues like injury, infection, and irritation that cause licking. Go to the veterinarian for a complete checkup to reduce licking.

Consult Your Veterinarian

First, you try something on your own to reduce licking, and if you don’t see any improvement, then you need to go to your veterinarian for treatment. You may go to a dog expert who will help you determine the underlying issue and give some strategies to stop licking.

Keep the Area Clean

If your dog shows irritation and licks around the wound, it indicates that you need to clean the area around the injury. The irritation causes infection, so we must keep the area clean to reduce the licking infection.

Use a Dog Cone

You can stop dogs from licking their dew claws using a dog cone or E-collar. Dog cones prevent them from accessing infected areas and reduce their licking. You must choose the right size cone, comfort the dog with the cone, and check for improvement.

Address Stress and Anxiety

By addressing the dog’s stress and anxiety, you can stop your dog from excessive licking. You can release its stress by giving attention, time and grooming. Try to understand their body language, which helps reduce dogs’ stress and anxiety.

The Role of Diet in Paw Health

The health of a dog’s paws is greatly influenced by a diet that is both healthy and nourishing. A proper diet, like nutrients full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, plays a critical role in your dog’s paw health.

Nutritional Support for Strong Nails

Nutritional Support plays a vital role in strong nails. If your dogs continuously lick, chew, and bite their feet, these are signs of excessive licking. The leading cause of the dog licking dew claw is lack of nutrition, including protein, vitamins, and minerals, and insufficient diet.

So feed your dog food full of nutrients that make their nails strong.

Foods to Promote Paw Health

To promote the dog’s paw health, a balanced diet with complete nutrients supports dog health overall. Feed your dog with eggs, protein, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, blueberries, and green leafy vegetables, which provide a balanced diet to promote paw health.


In final words, dogs licking dew claws due to discomfort, irritation, health issues, stress and anxiety. Try to identify the underlying problem and go to a dog professional and veterinarian to reduce the excessive licking.

Quickly go to the veterinarian for treatment if you see any major issues. Still, if you need clarification, then you will ask in the comment section.

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