Does Your Dog Bark at the Doorbell

Does Your Dog Bark at the Doorbell?

Dogs often start barking when they see someone entering the home. Their behavior can be frustrating for people and themselves. Does your dog bark at the doorbell? Do you discourage people from using your doorbell?

If that’s the case, hang on. Many pet owners like you face this problem. There are numerous reasons behind your dog’s behavior; however, the most common is fear and excitement.

This comprehensive guide will explain the causes of your dog’s odd behavior at the doorbell ringing and how to stop it.

Your furry friend might start jumping and barking upon hearing the doorbell. Loud noises, including doorbells, frighten your dog, leading to barking behavior.

The excessive barking of your dog might be a sign of stress. However, dogs might show the following signs under stress:

  • Keeping the head low or turning it away
  • Drooping ears
  • Shaking or spinning
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Unable to focus
  • Tighten skin around the face

That said, your dog may be afraid of the noise if he exhibits any of these behaviors when the doorbell rings.

Why Do Dogs Bark at the Doorbell?

Dogs barking can be a sign of fear but not necessarily. Sometimes, excitement can push your furry friend to this behavior. Guest arrival, package deliveries, or a random doorbell can excite your pet, leading to barking.

If your furry friend is excited, he might show the following signs:

  • Runs toward the door when it rings
  • Wags his tail rapidly
  • Pants while barking
  • Have full-body wags
  • Run back and forth between you and the door with excitement

You can control your dog’s response to the doorbell by watching your dog’s body language.

How to Avoid Your Dog from Barking at the Doorbell?

The excessive barking behavior is disturbing to you and your dog. Many dog owners ask how I can deal with my dog barking when the doorbell rings. You can minimize your pet’s behavior by teaching him the doorbell manners making your life easier.

Here are preventive measures to deal with your dog’s barking behavior:

Change Associations with the Doorbell Sound

First, you’ll need to retrain and desensitize your dog to the doorbell sound if he becomes overly thrilled due to it. Using your actual doorbell or an online recording of a doorbell noise is one of the best ways to do this.

Take the high-value treats like sticky or smelly treats that take some time for dogs to eat. Ring the doorbell as your dog is licking the treat in your hand.

Praise your pet while he continues licking the treat, and repeat this procedure several times. This will improve your pet’s behavior the next time the doorbell sounds.

Lure Your Dog to His Place

Once your dog becomes familiar with the doorbell sound, the next thing to teach them is to go to bed when the bell rings. Assigning tasks to your pet will prevent him from barking, allowing you to interact with visitors more effectively.

While training, it’s better to get someone’s help who can push the doorbell. Otherwise, use doorbell sounds that you may get on YouTube.

So, does your dog also bark and jump when the doorbell rings? Here is how to train your dog to move to his place on the doorbell sound.

  • On the bell ringing, get your dog’s attention through a high-value treat and praise him.
  • Tempt him to the bed or crate using a treat and give him once he reaches the bed.
  • Repeat this method for some days during training sessions.
  • Continue guiding your furry friend using the cue “go to bed” and then treat him.
  • Start phasing away the physical lure as your pet gains confidence by telling him to “go to bed.” Then, reward your pet when he does.

Continue this skill over time, praise your dog, and treat him once he walks to the bed.

Doorbell Becomes the Cue

Ensuring consistency is crucial while teaching your dog doorbell manners. The aim of these above practices is that the doorbell becomes a signal for your pet to go to bed.

This allows you to welcome guests or receive deliveries without exciting your dog. Consequently, you and your dog will experience less stressful events like barking in the future.

Once your furry friend becomes a pro in this skill, ensure to keep a treat jar near the front door. This way, you can deal with your pet immediately when the doorbell rings without searching for treats.

What to Do When Your Dog Bark at the Doorbell

Training your dog on how to respond to a doorbell is not an overnight process; definitely, it will take some time. Here is what you should do in this regard:

Avoid Yelling

Yelling at your dog adds more noise and makes your dog more frustrated. Consequently, this will make things worse, leading to more dog barking.

Stay Positive and Calm

How you react to the doorbell is as important as your dog’s body language. You can better deal with your pet’s reaction if you are happy and relaxed.

Use Consistent Training Techniques

Try associating the doorbell sound with something that your dog likes. If you have already trained your pet to sit calmly before receiving treats,you are getting there.

Put Up a Sign

Another simple thing to do to stop dog barking at the door is to place a sign outside. This sign will tell people not to ring the bell as it can excite or frighten your furry friend. Though it’s not a long-term solution, it’ll be helpful while you are training your dog to take a break from barking.

Consider Your Dog's Safety First

Another crucial thing while improving your dog’s behavior at the doorbell is to consider his safety. It’s better to keep your dog on a leash if you think he can rush to the door when someone arrives. Baby gates can be used as barriers to prevent your dog from approaching the door.

Get Help from a Vet or a Dog Trainer

After all the training and staying patient, if your dog doesn’t behave well to the doorbell, seek professional help. Your pet might have anxiety, or he can be fearful, so look out for the signs and talk to your professional trainer or vet.

Things to Consider When You Have Multiple Dogs

What to do if you have an older dog who gets excited at the doorbell and wants to bring a new puppy home? The best thing is to keep these dogs separate so your puppy won’t learn unwanted behavior from your older dog.

While teaching one dog the doorbell etiquette, keep the other one in a crate or any other place, and vice versa. Once both dogs learn to go to their places on the doorbell sound, continue training sessions to keep them together.

Final Words

To sum up, “Does your dog bark at the doorbell”? Your dog might show this behavior due to excitement or fear. Don’t yell, and stay calm, as your reaction to the doorbell matters to your pet.

By following the above-mentioned preventive measures, you can teach your dog to stop barking the next time someone comes to your door.

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