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Can A Dog Laugh?

Many dog varieties love to have fun and like spending time with you. But being a dog owner, you might wonder, can a dog laugh?

The simple answer is yes. A dog can laugh but not like humans. Laughter is a physiological response to humor. Your dog might be happy when you give him some best dog toys. According to research, dogs can better understand the emotional behavior of their human owners.

Are you interested in knowing more about “Can a dog laugh”? If so, this place is right for you to get more knowledge. So, let’s start.

Let us answer this question for you, can a dog laugh?

Well, dogs can laugh while playing but that’s not just the way you laugh. It is because of their rapid breathing which they use to attract humans or other dogs to play. Therefore, it is called play pant. It is not a vocal sound, but a form of breathing, and other animals like primates also do this.

What Does A Dog Laugh Sound Like?

Now, are you curious to know what a dog laugh sounds like? Here’s your answer.

Laughter is a sound produced by inhaling and exhaling air. When you laugh, your chest muscles squeeze the air out of the ribcage, resulting in a vocalized sound “ha ha”. While in the case of dogs, their laughter sounds like “huh hhah” because of panting but without any vocalization.

Some dog owners wish to try their pet’s laughter to strengthen a bond with him. Consequently, their dogs show different responses like sitting up, wagging their tails, or being curious to examine the noise.

Do Dogs Have A Sense of Humor?

Can a dog laugh? Do they have a sense of humor? Let’s have a look.

The purpose of dog breeding is to have a juvenile mind just like neoteny in humans. Your dog’s playful behavior is due to this developmental stage. Just like humans, your pooch’s sense of humor is also personal. Certain dog breeds show more sense of humor compared to others. In other words, they play-pant more.

Here are some examples of the most playful dog breeds having a great sense of humor:

  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Irish Setter

What Makes A Dog Laugh?

What Makes A Dog Laugh

Credit : iStock-David Baileys

Dogs have a juvenile sense of humor like you. It is obvious that some dog breeds laugh more than others. Generally, dogs show this type of laughing behavior while playing.

If you are a pet parent having two dogs, have you ever noticed them making each other laugh? You might have. They do this while playing with their favorite toys or during their play fighting. 

Being a pet owner, it’s good for you to know what activities your pooch enjoys or what his favorite games are. Usually, your furry friend likes to play tug of war more. This will make your bond stronger with him and you will understand him better.

How Do You Know If Your Dog is Happy?

It’s a common question that comes from many dog owners. If a dog doesn’t laugh like humans, how do I know that he is happy?

Many people believe that dogs wag their tails to express happiness. But unfortunately, that’s not true every time. Their tail’s position gives some message or shows their different communications.

 A neutral position shows that your pooch is in a relaxed position. Similarly, a dog’s tail in a lower position is a sign of submission and anxiety. Their tail in the air is depicting their aggressive mood. Tail wagging is related to excitement.

Rather than observing whether your dog is laughing or smiling, notice his body language to know if he is happy. It’s better to keep an eye on his whole body for the signs such as a wagging tail or an open mouth.

The above discussion might have cleared your confusion regarding, whether can a dog laugh. However, there is something more that is good for you to know. So, let’s continue.

Do Dogs Understand Human Laughter?

Research shows that domestic dogs often avoid aggressive humans and often yawn in response to a human yawn. Likewise, they also show a positive response to human laughter after understanding it. You might have observed your dog getting excited or desiring to play when you laugh or get excited. So, yes, dogs do understand human laughter

Do Dogs Try to Make Us Laugh?

Even though it’s a bit funny bit but dogs also try their hard to make humans laugh. For dogs, laughter means to play and they consider playing positive. For a pet owner, playing with a dog reduces anxiety or stress and strengthens his bond with his pet. Therefore, dogs often do things that will make you laugh in the end.

Can You Make Your Dog Laugh?

Yes, definitely. Regarding this, play-panting can be quite helpful. You can record this sound to calm your dog in various settings. It also makes your dog comfortable in new environments where his bond is yet to form with his owners. In addition, play-panting is also beneficial in shelters, foster homes, and training facilities.

Do Dogs Laugh When Tickled?

Tickling your friend can be great fun for both of you. But have you ever tickled your dog to make him laugh?

If not, then try giving him a soft stroke on his belly, chest, or paws. You both might enjoy your bonding because of it. Studies reveal that tickling dogs might result in displaying happy behaviors. 

These include sticking their tongues out, rolling around, or demanding from you to repeat the behavior. Even though every dog breed is different, you might not be disappointed while tickling your dog.

Can Dogs Smile?

You might have seen dog pictures having smiley faces while scrolling social media. But do you ever wonder, can dogs smile?

Yes, they can. But just like laughing, they can’t smile like humans. Their smile pops up as they open their mouth, pull their lips a little back, and show their teeth.  They do so when they are happy or relaxed. So, many dog owners consider it a smile. 

They also smile in response to a human smile, a phenomenon called “laughter contagion”. Dogs often smile in response to a human smile.

How to Make Your Dog Happy?

Making your dog happy and comfortable is good for you as well as your pet. But have you ever thought about how you can make your dog happy? Considering this, here are some ideas that will help you:

  • Engaging your dog in sports and exercises
  • Going running with your pooch
  • A guide to training your dog

Final Thoughts

To sum up, can a dog laugh? Yes, but not the way humans laugh. Their laughing behavior is because of rapid panting to get the attention of your or other dogs. Some dog breeds have a great sense of humor than others. The wagging tail of a dog shows his happiness and excitement.

Your pooch also understands your laughter and often responds in the same way that you do. You can keep your dog happy by playing with him and involving him in some exercises. This also helps him to get comfortable if he is new at your place. 

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